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Foursun Solar Electrifying sun

Describing solar as ultimate solution to India's energy problem and realizing vision of our honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi, we at Foursun Solar are constantly working towards solar development with solar based solutions. With high utilities of solar energy we are poised to bring the technology from small families to largest business we are committed to bring solar in everyday life and bring sustainability in the environment. With a vision to harnessing the free solar energy we operate on simple principle of “Electrifying Sun” and consider this to be our contribution to the energy revolution that is responsible ecologically as well as economically. Foursun Solar is a subsidiary firm of 'Kesharkala Group' which is a private firm operational from more than 30 years in the state of Gujarat.



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Our Mission

Our Mission

Foursun Solar Electrifying sun

With Sun as an infinite source of energy we are on a mission to make the technology reach every person.

Our aim


Life is Good with Solar

Spreading the power of Solar for us is like absorbing the energy available that is continuous and renewable.


Spread Green

Inspire healthier communities by educating the need and benefits of solar.



Honesty is our policy ensuring customers get full value of the money that they invest.



Build the best product from the latest available technology to generate best ROI on Project.



Continuous and rapid product development for solar customers to easy them in O&M.

Why us

We make going solar simple, and follow the motto of ‘Concept to Commissioning’

Solar technology with wide array of application required lot of data collection and software simulation. All this has to be done with best performance ratio for the plant that can generate quick return on the investment. Therefore we provide the solution according to the customer needs and after proper simulation.

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