Our Solution


(1kW to 10kW)

Our Solar residential projects are small and easiest way to opt for solar power. We provide solutions for residential which can eliminate the power bill by 100%. State and Central Government subsidy on residential solar gives fastest Return on Investment with less capital Investment. The Residential Solar plant comes with 5 years of warranty and 25 years of system life. The proven technology can help in support green initiative by government and reduce dependency on other forms of energy. Be it on grid or off Grid our customized solution gives you a system with actual need.

Commercial and Industrial

(10kW to 1MW)

Our solution on commercial and industrial is to provide total turnkey project. Starting from roof analysis to commissioning and system maintenance, the project requires in depth analysis of the irradiation pattern along with its roof condition for system to generate for its designed lifetime. Rising electricity tariff can be curbed by using naturally accessible resource. Strong Policy support from state and centre government benefits in commissioning of the plant within its target time. We provide a system with real life of 25 years backed up by our strong partners and on paper warranty. Our solutions are simple & efficient to encourage adoption and long lasting, the solar plants constructed by us stand proof.

Utility Solar Plants

(1MW and Above)

Our solution in Utility power plants starts from initial conceptualization and design to commission of the solar power plant. We undertake turnkey projects across the life of the plant, ensuring our clients have all that it needs for a bankable project. Our affordable and world class technology ensures that power plant run with highest performance ratio and capacity utilization factor over its life. With just 2 years since our undertaking we have strong order for 10MW in utility scale, which shows our technological knowhow and field expertise.

Retrofit Solar plants

(Any Plant Size)

With Solar power in the market for around 10 years, the older plants need to be checked for its generation and components warranty. Generation of power is of prime importance as the system ROI is irrespective without it. Various parameters like Module Mismatch, Uneven Panel Aging, module non-functioning, damage module, earth faults, higher resistance are some of the reasons for loss in generation. Our module level monitoring eliminates all the above constraint. With using retrofit technology, we can make sure that the plant operates to its potential.Our approach is to focus on maximizing plant useful life and generation maximization.

Solar Water Pumps

(Irrigation, Resort, Factories, Village water Drinking)

Our water pumps are designed as per the total head and water requirement for the application. Solar pumps are indigenous and can run without battery backup, thus it can provide water during the entire day. Solar Pumps are maintenance free and existing AC Pumps can be used without replacing the pump unit, thus offering economic solution for any need. Solar Panel, Controller, Mounting structure, Pumps are important components of the Pump System. The pumps come in variety of sizes starting from 1HP to 20HP and voltage range

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